4 things you probably didn’t know about yoga

I am a yoga instructor and every time I am holding a class I learn something new. Yoga is so much more than stretching and meditating, and if you practice it regularly you can really improve your life.

There are so many different types of yoga and I won’t be explaining all of them because we are going to stick to the modernized version of yoga! To begin with! 

You’ve probably heard about yoga being a stress-reliever and maybe you’ve known someone who’s been telling you about their experience. But yoga is such a diverse workout and so so so powerful, not only do you strengthen your mind but your body as well. 

Yoga is stress-relieving

So, how is yoga stress-relieving? First of all, we look at the breathing! When we are stressed we usually breathe short breaths – which is only a small amount of our entire lungs capacity. When you are practicing yoga you learn how to breathe more fully  and use as much of your lungs capacity as possible, this is often during the meditation/relaxation or the last part of a yoga class. An instructor should remind you to focus on your breathing, even during the sweaty parts – you can combine your breathing with your movements/poses which creates the yogis high. You exhale on effort – a trick you can use is imagining you are underwater and in each position you go under, breathe out,  and when you come up you breathe in. 

Deep breathing betters your lung function, when you practice yoga you will find your breathing is deeper and thus you will be able to relax better and stay calm in your every-day life. 

Yoga is all about finding your happy place and inner peace, so reach within and find the mindsets that work for you. 

Yoga is a bodyweight workout

A misunderstanding I often come across is that people often assume that yoga is not actually a workout, or it’s just for when you are stressed or in need to relax. Although it is all of those things – yoga is actually a full-body workout where you use your muscles to hold up your body and to transition you into the different positions. So it’s a combination of both strength training and stretching which increases your mobility, flexibility and posture while strengthening your muscles, both statically and dynamically. So get your sweat on, you probably already know the benefits of engaging in physical activity.

Yoga boosts your overall health

Physical activity can make you live longer, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, it can improve your digestion, boost your immune system and make you sleep better. Sounds great, right? 

Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere

You can do yoga in the morning, in the evening, the middle of the night – on an airplane, on a boat, in your bed or on a mat. 

Now, I couldn’t just leave you with this post and not include a yoga routine. Below you will find a yoga class I teach for beginners. It is easy yet challenging and the only thing you need is some music and a yoga mat! Simple as that! 🙂 

Warm up:


Seated twist/ Bharadvaja


Cow & Cat in a movement 

Downward-Facing dog

Threelegged dog – left

Lizard – left

Do the same thing ond more time but this time with your right leg.

Forward bend

Sun salutation A


Warrior 1

Warrior 2 

Wide-legged forward bend 

Yogi squat 



Forward bend 

Upward facing dog

Repeat x2 


Dancer, left 

Warrior 3, left 

Dancer, right 

Warrior 3, right 

Cool down:

Easy pose/Seated

Seated twist




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