How to actually complete your New Year’s resolutions!

Are you ready? New Year’s is just around the corner!

Now awaits a new year, a new decade and possibly new resolutions for 2020!

What is your resolution this year?

To be honest, I haven’t made any resolutions for the past couple of years – they’ve seemed useless to me since they never last anyways and I always overestimate my goals. Maybe you do too?

No candy for a year!

…. and that resolution lasted for a week.

You get my point!

But this year I’ve completed a few of my goals and done my research, so I am gonna share my tips and tricks on how to actually complete your New Years resolutions or other goals you might want to complete in 2020.

1. Set a realistic goal

No matter what your new resolutions are you have to be honest with yourself. Completing all your goals and resolutions within the first month of the year is not a realistic goal, neither is going all out all at once. You’ll get burnt out.

Instead, try a different approach this year. Make a realistic goal, sit down and plan your resolutions – what do you want to accomplish in 2020? And ask yourself if this is something you can do and commit to it!

2. Make small milestones that are easy to complete

So when the clock strikes midnight you feel motivated and excited about your newly made resolutions. If you’re lucky this will last through January and maybe well into February.

But eventually the motivation fades and it’s not as fun or exciting anymore and you have to discipline yourself to continue.

It’s easier to follow through when you are motivated, but the truth is – you’re almost never gonna be motivated! But there are other ways to make it fun while also being disciplined.

You make smaller milestones you can easily complete – that way you gain motivation and confidence in your ability to complete your New Years resolutions and it will be fun for you instead of overwhelming you when the excitement fades and you’re left with too massive goals to handle.

Find small changes you can make in your everyday life that will help you complete your goals.

If your resolution is to quit smoking you could change one daily cigarette to a nicotine gum instead. When you feel good about that you change two for a gum each. And when you’re down to no cigarettes a day you do the same with the gums except you don’t change them you just cut down until you don’t feel the need to chew them.

If your resolution is to lose weight or gain weight a small milestone could be to change your diet, maybe eat more vegetables and workout at least once a week.

If your resolution is to workout more then add one half hour somewhere in your week.

If your resolution is to eat healthy then start small, if you eat oatmeal for breakfast or cereal – change your jam for berries!

3. Make yourself promises that you can actually keep – write down a ‘why’ to your goals

Knowing why you want to complete a resolution is key! It will keep you consistent and disciplined to actually make it happen and it will give you an extra boost of motivation.

Happy new year and good luck with your New Years resolutions! 🙂


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